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Dealer to Customer Direct
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Welcome to our web site!

This is the home of the dealer to customer direct pricing sales program. We have just started this site but will be adding more everyday. To learn more about our sales program read on..... 

We have been a FFL holder/dealer for 2 years. And we now are going to a new revolutionary sales program that brings dealer pricing to you. We sell everything to you the customer for our best wholesalers price plus shipping. You will get the invoice with items from our wholesaler. The catch is simply this, instead of us trying to price match everyone, we sell you anything you want at dealer price so we can't be beat for a yearly membership fee with our shop. Here are the 3 plans:

1) Law Enforcement Membership (Any law enforcement people) gets an unlimited buying limit of guns, accessories, ammo and anything else we can get for best dealer price. For a yearly membership price is just $89.95

2) Public Membership (anyone other than law enforcement) gets unlimited buying limit of anything we can get at dealer price legal in your area. One year membership $99.95

3) Limited Membership get $1000 buying limited of anything legal in your area at dealer price. $49.95 you can for the first 6 months try our program with this membership and if you hit your limit you can upgrade for just the $50 difference. We suggest try this one, and we will prove our offer to you. You can't get better than dealer price. We are with all top 5 wholesalers and have about 40 wholesalers in total of guns, accessories, ammo, parts and much more.

Now that you see our sales program details go to our product pages for the pricing you will get and to our contract page to see the contract. Also don't forget to check out are specials/closeout pages. We get specials/closeouts you get them too.

You can e-mail us at: