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Dealer to Customer Direct
Our Contract


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Membership Contract


This contract states that the customer signed below and us have agreed to our dealer to customer direct price deal. This deal is that customer signed below gets all items ordered from us for dealer price. Customer only pays the dealer price and all shipping charges. There will be no hidden handling/etc charges. Only fee for are service is membership fee. On order of item customer will pay the price on items ordered. After items have been shipped the customer will then pay the exact shipping charges that where needed to get item and ship to customer. If customer fails to pay shipping charges they void/break contract. If customer breaks contract membership is cancelled and membership fee is lost to pay for lost funds on are end. If at anytime we break contract membership fees will be refunded. All Memberships are exact one year to the date of purchase of membership. Customer memberships will be suspend for any payment issue, which the customer will have 10 days to clear up before the membership will voided and membership fees lost. At no time during a membership will there be any charges or add on prices for anything. On firearm purchases customer are responsible for having a FFL transfer dealer and any fees on their end are customers responsibility. We will help find a dealer if you dont know any. This deal covers any items, we can get that is legal for the customer to purchase in there area. This contract is a binding agreement between us and the customers signed below for a one-year membership with are dealer to customer direct pricing deal.